Imp Mercy Tutorial- Body Suit

Hey guys! Shout out to Chiburger Cosplay who wanted some advice on making her own Imp Mercy and inspired me to get off my lazy butt and write up a proper tutorial! Or as proper as I can make one considering the lack of good photos I have of the progress... Well then, let's begin! [...]


Wing Harness Tutorial

Hey guys, today I am going to show you how to make a versatile wing harness. It's simple to make but may take some work to adjust it properly. The great thing about this design is that you can use one harness for all your wings since the wings will be detachable for easy transportation [...]

Long Beach Comic Expo Review and Gallery

At long last convention season has started up again! I missed the first con of the year because one of my horrible selfish friends came to our weekly game night sick and left me with the flu which I was unusually slow to recover from. Ahem. ANYWAY, Long Beach Comic Expo was a lot of [...]

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con aka Comikaze Review and Gallery!

Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con, or Comikaze as I will forever call it, really reddemed itself. It's been a rollercoaster of a con! I've been attending ever since the very first year which was a great time for a new con. Then, over the course of a few years, my interest waned and things [...]

Nerdbot Con 2017

So, yesterday was Nerdbot con and it was pretty fun. It was very small and I had never been to the Pasadena convention center before. The layout was a little weird and all the stairs made it a little cosplay-unfriendly, but the outside was beautiful and there were many cool locations to take pictures at. [...]

How to make Guzma’s Glasses

Hey guys, I have a quick tutorial for you today on how to make Guzma's glasses! What you'll need: -2mm craft foam -Large costume glasses (available at Party City) -Glue -Worbla (optional) -Yellow Paint -Black Paint -Satin Clear Spray Paint -White Plastic Primer Spray   Step 1: Get the costume glasses! Pop out the lens [...]

Wondercon 2017 Review and Gallery

This year's Wondercon was pretty good! This year my group and I anticipated large crowds and usually the most stressful part of a convention is finding parking for it! So I got us prepaid parking at the Marriott and it was a life saver! It was so nice having the car close enough to make [...]