Gallery and Review: Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con, or Comikaze as I will forever call it, really reddemed itself. It's been a rollercoaster of a con! I've been attending ever since the very first year which was a great time for a new con. Then, over the course of a few years, my interest waned and things [...]


Gallery and Review: Nerdbot Con 2017

So, yesterday was Nerdbot con and it was pretty fun. It was very small and I had never been to the Pasadena convention center before. The layout was a little weird and all the stairs made it a little cosplay-unfriendly, but the outside was beautiful and there were many cool locations to take pictures at. [...]

Tutorial: Guzma’s Glasses

Hey guys, I have a quick tutorial for you today on how to make Guzma's glasses! What you'll need: -2mm craft foam -Large costume glasses (available at Party City) -Glue -Worbla (optional) -Yellow Paint -Black Paint -Satin Clear Spray Paint -White Plastic Primer Spray   Step 1: Get the costume glasses! Pop out the lens [...]

Gallery and Review: Wondercon 2017

This year's Wondercon was pretty good! This year my group and I anticipated large crowds and usually the most stressful part of a convention is finding parking for it! So I got us prepaid parking at the Marriott and it was a life saver! It was so nice having the car close enough to make [...]

Tutorial: Cosplay Photo Edits

Alright, so I had a few people on Facebook and Instagram message me asking about my cosplay photo editing. I am not an expert. And actually I don't have much experience with editing photos at all. What I do have, is experience with Photoshop, mostly for illustration and digital painting. So I am going to [...]

Gallery and Review: Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

It's time to kick off the con season with the first convention of the year- Long Beach Comic Expo! This is a nice con, small and well organized. But this year it seemed smaller than normal. I expect it was due to the extreme storm we had blow through the Friday before the con. Never [...]