Deathwing: Shoulder Armor

At long last the shoulders I have been working on are done!! Almost! I still have to figure out how to attach them securely but I have a pretty good idea how I'll do that. Anyways, onto the progress pictures and long, boring explaination on how it was done. First off, the base. I made [...]


Deathwing Gloves

Here's a small update. I've been working on the shoulders, figuring out what works and what doesn't. So here's what I did last night while waiting for some other stuff to dry. May I present... THE GLOVES! They are probably one of the easiest pieces to make. I used some old gloves for the base. [...]


One of the last few things I needed to complete for my Alexstrasza costume was the wig and horns. Originally I had made a separate headband but soon realized that the best and easiest way to do the horns would be to attach them to a headband and pretty up the space in between to [...]