Gallery and Review: Wondercon 2017

This year’s Wondercon was pretty good! This year my group and I anticipated large crowds and usually the most stressful part of a convention is finding parking for it! So I got us prepaid parking at the Marriott and it was a life saver! It was so nice having the car close enough to make trips to get snacks and rest. We always bring snacks with us, but if the trip to the car is too long we usually don’t end up going back to eat or rest.

We were right, the con was packed!

After suiting up, we made out way through the hotel and to the convention center. There was another convention going on in the hotel, although I am not sure exactly what it was, but it had something to do with bilingual education. We met a group of enthusiastic students who LOVED our costumes! They were so excited and wanted to talk with us and touch everything. Their guardians took tons of pictures and we all had a really great time.

Friday had a good sized crowd, we saw tons of cool costumes and spent almost the entire day out front just socializing and taking photos. Amazingly, no one tried to creep on me or my group (something that’s been a big problem in the past). Unfortunately these inappropriate folks seemed to be replaced by rude ones. I was standing with a group of people by the fountain, there was plenty of space behind the photographers but instead someone walked behind the cosplayers and ran into my Mercy wings hard enough for me to hear something crack. They didn’t turn around or even apologize. Later in the day while exiting the exhibit hall, there was a set of two doors- one open and one closed. To make it easier for me to get through, we opened the closed door and as I was stepping through, one of the workers closed it on me! Didn’t say anything like, “Please keep this door closed”, nope, didn’t say anything at all. Just tried to shut it on me without a word of explanation. He didn’t even warn me to step back and almost damaged my costume. I don’t know if he was Wondercon staff or convention center staff, but I wish I had gotten his name to complain. A simple sign, a simple word, any notice and we would have exited another way. Acting like a decent person should be standard for anyone attending the show- worker, cosplayer, photographer, or otherwise. Needless to say, I was pretty livid about the whole thing. (Still am!)

I got to meet the voice of Torbjorn! He happened to be walking by when we had an impromptu Overwatch meetup. It was awesome!







Saturday was super packed. We could barely move through the crowd. While I love when cons have good attendance, I am worried this will turn into another Anime Expo or San Diego Comic Con. The bigger conventions lose so much of thier charm when they are so crowded that you can barely move. Hopefully next year they utilize more of the convention center space and clear up some room for people! I would hate to have to take Wondercon out of my convention schedule. Anyways, Saturday was also the Overwatch meetup but my friends and I didn’t end up making it there. I hear it was fun, but that there were some issues with space. It’s hard to organize so many people, especially when there are other groups doing the same. I wish I could have see everyone’s costumes!













Sunday was casual day. There was still a good amount of people in costume and again, had a run in with someone very rude. My sister was excited to see a cosplayer from her favorite game. They didn’t look busy, weren’t in a rush, and weren’t resting so we approached and asked for a picture. They said sure, but couldn’t even muster a smile and actually began counting down after a few seconds when they felt we were taking too long. Now their mouth is open in all of the pictures. Now I probably sound pretty petty, or entitled, but after attending cons for so many years in costume I feel like its common courtesy to tell a photographer if you are not feeling up for a picture. If you force it then it ruins the experience for both parties.




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