Gallery and Review: LA Comic Con 2016

To me it’s still Comikaze, and I think it’ll be confusing with LA Cosplay Con using the same abbreviation. But anyways, this year’s con was actually better than any other year (except the first). The Friday hours were short for some reason, so Saturday was the first day we went. Parking, as per usual in LA, was terrible despite getting there fairly early. The convention was very busy and the preregistration line was intensely long. Luckily I had pro passes for me and my boyfriend and my other two buddies got press badges so we didn’t have to wait. I did hear from others though that they had to wait upwards of two hours. Maybe one day these large cons will figure out how to get badges to attendees faster!

Anyways, there were tons of amazing cosplayers. One of the first people we talked to invited us to go to a Drunkards and Dragons show. It was a fantasy improv comedy that used a d20 rolled by audience members to decide the outcome of certain events. It was pretty entertaining and my first improv show. After that we walked around, took pictures, and briefly browsed the exhibit hall. We bought a phone charger… statue… thing… that was basically a neat Durotan sculpture for $35. They also had one of Lothar and the bases of the two fit together to look like they were fighting.

Day Two we left even earlier to try to beat the crowds with parking and were lucky enough to get to park under South Hall. It took forever to finally find a space but a kind worker in a golf cart showed us the way! It was much quieter day two but there was still a fair amount of cosplayers and an Overwatch gathering. We saw (and heard) the voice of Reinhardt! He was really excited and really loved all the Overwatch fans. My friend That Vegan Cosplayer picked up her Widowmaker rifle from Yasu.

Overall this year was very enjoyable. There were no major costume issues and things went surprisingly smoothly. I hope next year goes well too!



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HIM from Powerpuff girls! He was always my favorite PPG villain



Book of Life
Frost Cosplay




Halloween Mercy, Halloween Ana, Mercy, Junkrat, Widow Maker, Mccree, Overwatch


Hitchhiking Ghosts, Haunted Mansion



Overwatch Gathering


Kaito, Vocaloid
Amsterdoodle Cosplay



Sylvanas has upgraded her weaponry!


Killing some alliance scum, and taking on professor Putress


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