Gallery and Review: Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Long Beach Comic Con is generally one of my favorite conventions of the year but due to hard times in my personal life I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it this time around. I still had a pretty good time all things considered but I didn’t dress up on the first day. I had all my makeup done and everything but just decided it was too much of a strain on my already extremely stressed psyche. I know, I know, I sound like such a cry baby! But the con was good. We met up with friends and took the pictures which are posted below! I actually bought stuff this time around. There was a great sale at the Art Supply Warehouse booth with hard cover sketchbooks for only five dollars, tax included. So I had to get four. Because I go through sketchbooks like crazy! Also met up with a few friends doing charity work for the Ronald McDonald House. I wore the silly shoes and was given an epic shirt with Lady Sylvanas on it. We also found a foam Frostmourne while browsing and of couse had to pick that up too. The last thing I got was a secret present for my best buddy That Vegan Cosplayer for her birthday coming up in November. I spent some time at the Mideval Times booth talking to one of the staff about Warcraft. I spun the wheel and won a crown.

Well that’s enough babbling, onto the small gallery!

















That’s all this time around! Stay tuned for some character specific Overwatch tutorials!


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