Gallery and Review: Anime California 2016

This was my first year attending Anime California, and if I am not mistaken it was their first year holding the con at a convention center instead of a hotel. In the past I have heard a few complaints about the con, generally centered around the hotel and hotel staff so it seems like it was a good thing they moved it to the Long Beach Convention Center.

It’s a three day convention and I bought a weekend pass, but I opted to only go for one day; Saturday. Parking wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t ideal. We were redirected to a different parking structure than the one my group usually parks at for this area. This meant a longer walk through a mini mall and passing by some very confused and amused people. Luckily everyone who stopped to ask us about the costumes were polite and friendly; completely different from my experiences at the LA Convention Center where random people on the street tend to be rude, abrasive, and shout mean things from their cars. This is why Long Beach Convention Center is one of my favorites, the area is just nicer in general.

There was a very long line to get in to grab the badges. From what I could see, there was only one line for pre-purchased passes and people buying them onsite. There was a small sliver of shade that we could stand in, but it was still pretty hot out being the tail end of summer and all. But the staff was very nice, they worked quickly to get people through the line as best as they could.

The exhibit hall and artist alley were tiny and we saw the whole thing in under an hour. The artist alley was pretty crowded, which is great for the artists there! But I think some more spacing between the isles would have really helped. There was a stage with people playing a dancing game, fun but I would have been too awkward to try it out. There was also a big section of table top games. We spent a while there chatting with some other attendees about D&D 5e and the minis the guy said he’d spent the last 20 year collecting and painting.

The ¬†costumes were great, but we didn’t get too many pictures since the lighting in the exhibit hall is dim and most of the cosplayers upstairs were engaged in conversation or taking a break. There weren’t many people outside because of the heat.

Overall it was a great little con, well worth the price and travel. I’ll be going again, but I will probably only be getting a one day pass since it is a smaller con and I don’t usually attend many panels.



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Blood Moon Thresh -League of Legends by: Zurkai Cosplay

Shulk- Xenoblade by: ?

Celica- Xenoblade: Amsterdoodle Cosplay

Karthas- League of Legends by: Sammi Cosplay


Unknown Character gives Celica a shot!


Some cars and stuff

I got interviewed!


And more Sylvanas



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