Gallery and Review: LA Cosplay Con 2016

month I attended LA Cosplay Con for the first time, and I believe it was their second year running. I have to say that I was very impressed by the little con. It was held at the Long Beach Convention Center which has become probably my favorite convention location in Southern California, it sure beats the LA Convention Center by leaps and bounds. Tickets to LA Cosplay Con were very affordable, I believe around $20 for the one day con.

The con itself was very small and there wasn’t too much to see in the exhibit hall. It was one of the few cons that I actually bought something from though, surprisingly enough. They had these neat little jewelry elf ear cuffs for a very reasonable price.

For me the sad part about this con had nothing to do with the con itself. Despite all my efforts, my latest costume (my armored Harley Quinn) just didn’t come together the way I wanted and I had to scrap the project. The armor looks great, but everything in between just wasn’t working for me. Maybe I will come back to it in the future when I have more ideas and inspirations, or maybe i will just sell it to the first person willing to pay for the cost of materials and shipping.

Anyways, despite being a Cosplay Con, it seemed only a little over half of people were in full costume. I didn’t get too many pictures. I did, however, make a new friend so that was great (even if he is an Alliance ¬†sympathizer!)





Oh yeah, they also had a battle arena! This is where we spent the last hour of the con.


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