Gallery and Review: Wondercon 2016

Wondercon this year was pretty good, although there were quite a few things different from the last few years. First off, Wondercon moved to the LA Convention Center. Hopefully this is only temporary because the LA Convention Center is such a pain to get to and to find parking for. Most of the good parking was by online reservation only, although I am not sure where to find the online registration for future events. The other good parking was very pricey. We paid thirty dollars for parking each day. What sucked though is that the structure at LA Live didn’t list the price outside and it wasn’t until we were down the ramp that we were told the pricing.

Once inside the con my group split into two. My sister headed for the general admissions line and the rest of us to the professional line. The pro line took close to an hour and a half to get through. I also never received a confirmation email so it took us a little longer. The general admissions was much shorter.

The convention itself was very fun. As usual there were tons of amazing costumes and I met a lot of really cool people. Unfortunately there also seemed to be quite a few creeper-types, people who go above and beyond the general nerdy awkwardness and make situations uncomfortable for everyone.

Overall I am happy with the convention, but I really hope to moves back and stays in Anaheim.

Okay, time for some photos!



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