Hex 100k Invitational Tournament

Last weekend was the Hex 100k invitational. The event was tons of fun and went pretty smooth for the company’s first time running such an event. When we got to the venue there was already a line forming at the door. My two friends and I were able to get in early since I was working the event. They immediately headed off to the store while I got my costume stuff ready. When the doors opened pretty much everyone went straight for the store. From what I heard later, they sold more than expected and even sold out of two of the three posters and the playmats! The venue itself was set up nicely with computers for people to play the game and plenty of seating in the front to watch the competitors. Three large screens above the main stage displayed the event commentators, interviews, and the players’ screens during games. The only slight mishap was something that couldn’t have been avoided. The power went out for a few minutes due to a storm blowing a tree branch into an electrical box. Luckily it didn’t happen in the middle of a match and no one made a big deal about it. Day two I spent more time out of costume and got to watch a few of the games. Some of my friends stopped by, a few of which had never played Hex before. They all seemed to have fun and a few promised to download the game when they got home. Overall the event was tons of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

Check out Hex here: https://www.hextcg.com/

Before the event:




The line for the store:


Cory’s Intro:


The cosplayers:

From Left to Right:

Eternal Sage: Me

Lixil: Elizabeth Rage

Prince Talysen: Micheal Huffman

Myrym: Luna Lanie

Mentor of the grave: Rian Synnth

Constantina: Gurl With Red Hair

Nerissa: Vert Vixen

Briar Patch Conjurer: CrankyCupcakez

(and Jovial Pippit below!)














I will be posting another album exclusively for my Eternal Sage costume and tutorials/progress walk throughs for various elements of the costume.





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