Product Review: Wolfe Body Paint

Hello hello lovely readers! Today I am going to write up a review on using Wolfe paints for cosplay! Something to keep in mind, this is all based solely on my own experiences and use of the product, so what worked/didn’t work for me might be entirely different for someone else’s cosplay!

The paint comes in a variety of colors, one of which happened to be perfect for Lady Sylvanas’ skin tone! The color I used was called ‘blight’. I did a test run to see how it would fade with wear. I choose to test on my inner arm because that’s a joint that sees a lot of movement. On the left (my right arm) is one coat of Wolfe with no sealer. The right side (left arm) is with Ben Nye’s Final Seal. It doesn’t look too much different but the “matte” sealer does leave a bit of a glossy sheen. It also stayed sticky a little longer than expected.

The bottom picture shows the faded paint after roughly 5 hours of normal activity. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the sealer caused the makeup to start flake off after only an hour. It rubbed off much worse than using no sealer at all! Maybe it wasn’t compatible with the paint, but it was recommended to me by two people who have used the combo before.

During the actual convention I opted not to use the sealer and instead used baby powder over the paint. The mornign started out with frustrations. The weekend had been stressful to begin with so it was probably just pent up emotions, but I almost gave up on the body paint twice. Luckily my friend, That Vegan Cosplayer, was there to help me both with getting those hard to reach places on my back and to encourage me to keep with the paint.

The dry California summer coupled with no AC in the house made for a miserably hot experience. I am not sure if it was the heat but the paint which had previously been so easy to apply started cracking and streaking!

Eventually I got it all on and was more or less satisfied with the result. A 45 minute drive to the convention didn’t do me any favors. My initial fear was that sweating would cause the paint to run, but the real downfall was the armor scraping it off. Not only did the paint fade drastically over the course of the day, but the places where the armor came in contact with the paint rubbed off entirely. I had to touch up the paint four times, but it didn’t do much good. As proud as I am of the costume, I feel like the faded and chipped body paint detracted from the whole look.

On the plus side, it looked awesome on my face, so portrait pictures were spot on. On the downside, after seeing the picture below I realized I had to stick with a few basic poses to try to hide the places missing paint, such as under my arm, on my sides, and along the armor.

I think I would still recommend this paint. But only for someone with a simple costume without armor or pieces that would risk rubbing the paint off.

When I got home, I was happy to find that the paint washed right off with a shower, no soap needed! The bathroom was also a blue mess, but it cleans off easily from counters and floors with just a  bit of water. Furthermore, the paint didn’t make me break out at all, and my skin is SUPER sensitive.

Long story short, I would recommend this paint for photoshoots, but not for convention wear unless the costume has less risk of pieces rubbing against the paint. In the future I’m going to try out a few other brands, hopefully find something with longer wear!


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