Tutorial: Lady Sylvanas

I feel like I start most of my tutorials like this but…it’s been a while since I’ve done a tutorial and I lost most of the pictures I took of this costume’s progress (story of my life) so I am here today to teach you all how I made the breastplate armor worn by The Dark Lady. Sorry for potato quality phone pictures.



First things first, materials.

You’ll need:

-Thin sheets of craft foam


-Old bra (or new I guess, I had an old one lying around)

-Clear bra straps

-Heat gun (or hair dryer but heat guns work soo much better)

-Hot glue


-Half circle plastic orb thingy (can be bought at craft stores. I have no idea what they are for but I think it’s something for christmas ornaments. Buy one roughly the same size as your boobies. Go bigger if there isn’t one in the right size.)

Okay so below is a picture of my abused mat, half circle orb thingy, and heat gun.


Step 1:

Cut out two squares of worbla a little bigger than the half circle. Heat up the sheets and press them together. Sweet, now you have a two layer square of worbla.


Step two:

Heat the worbla so it’s nice and pliable. I usually heat it from the center and work my way out. Go slow with this. If you heat it too quickly you might get awkward bubbles. If the worbla starts to turn more pale and look a little chalky, it’s too hot. It should be warm enough that it’s easily moldable, but not so hot that you can’t touch it with bare hands.IMG_1070

Step three:

Once the worbla is heated, lay it down over the circular thing. It should hang over the edges evenly. Press down firmly, curving the worbla over the form. I also traced the basic shape of the armor, since her boobie covers aren’t just circular. (seen in black marker below). Be sure to let the worbla cool off before removing it from the form. It might stick a little, but the shape shouldn’t deform as you pop it off. A word of caution here, be sure you pull down the worbla evenly. It’ll thin out towards the center of the sphere as you form it. If it gets too thin you may have issues with stability, or the worbla could tear and make a hole in the armor.


Step four:

Cut off the excess worbla and try it on for size. Trim as needed.


Step five:

To make the band, you’ll want to start with a foam base. Cut out the shape, something like the shapes below. Be sure to match the cure of the cup you just made. Using more foam, cut out the designs and glue them down onto the base. (Here is where I lost some pictures)


Step Six:

Cut out a single layer of worbla .5 -1 inch wider than the foam base you are goign to cover. Cut some small darts that go from the outside edge of the worbla and meet the outside edge of the foam. Place the worbla over the foam base. Start heating the worbla from the center outwards. Press the worbla down into the crevices and around the raised details. I use a pen for this to get cript edges.

Step Seven:

When the top is done, flip the armor over and start heating the edges. Fold the tabs over onto the back and press down firmly.


Step Eight:

Use a strip of worbla to attach the boobies to the band. Worbla wil stick to itself when heated. I also hot glued it for extra stability and attachment.


Step Nine:

I used more foam to add raised details to the breastplates, and some worbla covered foam for the diamond in the middle.

IMG_1237 IMG_1238

Step Nine, I mean Ten! It’s late.

Step Ten:

Since worbla isn’t very comfortable, I cut the cups off an old bra and stuck them  on the inside. I also punched some holes down the back slit. Think of it like a corset. I have some placeholder ribbon to test the fit. If it’s too big, the back is the area to trim it down to size. This


Step Eleven:

Now is the time to add the clear bra straps.


Step Twelve:

The cuts in the worbla have a tenancy to pinch when the armor flexes. For this reason I lined the top and bottom of the band with the extra fabric from the bra.


Step Thirteen:

Using paperclay I went over the raised details that were originally there from the foam interior. It looked good with just the foam, but I wanted something a little more pronounced.

Step Fourteen:

The part where it all comes together is the paint! Be sure to paint in highlights and shadows. Below is a picture of flat paint vs shading


And that’s it for my tutorial! I promise the next one will have more detailed pictures and steps! As always, feel free to email me with questions, I love to hear from you guys!




Other Armor:

All this was made with 2mm foam and worbla. Raised details are made out of Paperclay.

Shoulder armor, missing skulls and feathers:





Upper Thigh Armor:DSC_0383

Calf Armor:DSC_0384



-Bow Base



-Foam, 1mm, 5mm, thick foam mats

-Acrylic paint and paint brushes

-Hot glue

-Heat gun


So first you need a space to work. Here’s my work bench! I didn’t have any time to clean it up so all my work was done on that itty bitty corner there. I also have my Sylvanas statue for reference. Sitting on  the edge of the table is the base I used for the bow. Its a plastic toy bow I bought from a Spirit Halloween store.


Using the 5mm foam I cut out the shape of the arm guard… thing.


Added details with more 5mm foam


I covered this shape with Worbla. To do this I traced the foam onto the worbla and cut it out about .5 – 1 inch around the edge. Starting from the middle and moving out towards the edges, I used the heat gun to heat the worbla and form it over the foam. I also used some sculpting tools to press the worbla down around the details.



Be careful with the worbla! When heated, especially when its heated too much too quick, it can rip like this:


After forming the worbla over the shape I used an exacto knife to cut off the excess.

IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709

Using thick foam mats I cut out this weird shape for the bottom of the bow.


Added details with thin foam:


Sandwhiched the shape between two sheets of worbla

IMG_1713 IMG_1714

Pinch the edges together


Push the worbla into place with sculpting tools


Cut with the exacto knife




I had some spare wonderflex that I was never gonna use so I decided to finish up the rest here. Same technique as the worbla. I cut out four of these shapes and used them to attach the piece made in previous steps to the bow base.

IMG_1720 IMG_1721

Back to the worbla


Since the bow base didn’t have the right shape, I cut off the ends, turned them around, and hot glued them back on to adjust the overall curve of the bow.


To hide the seam I curled the shape over the bow


Using Paperclay I filled in the gaps and hid the ugly seams and mistakes

IMG_1726 IMG_1727

The final product before painting


I don’t have any progress of the painting itself (I rushed it all during a D&D session!) but here is the final final product (No string on the bow cause the conventions don’t usually allow them)



As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask!


6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Lady Sylvanas

  1. I’m making a costume from Sylvanas too,but I only have craft foam…Would the outcome be close to this one? I don’t have paperclay either,since they don’t sell it where I live.

    Great tutorial by the way,really helpful! ^^

    1. Thanks! Glad you found it useful :) You can get some great results with craft foam but it’s harder to get compound curves with, especially around the chest area. Worbla can stretch and bend around a dome, but with foam you will have to cut darts to get it to make that shape. The nice thing about foam though is you don’t have to smooth it out! The paint job is what will really sell your armor. Just make sure to prime it before painting, otherwise the foam will absorb the paint and it will still look like foam.

      Something I like to do with my armor is to glue black fabric on the inside. It gives it a cleaner look and if you are using foam it has the added bonus of strengthening the armor!

  2. Hello! I finally deceided to give the foam a try,and your method was perfect! ^^ I’m not even halfway,but I like the result so far. Instead of using ribbon,I used just the bra clips,and glue’d the foam over it.

    (The picture is a bit blurry, I blame my Phone…Bu this is what I have so far.http://fav.me/d93laun)

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