Tutorial: Easy Orc Teeth

It’s been a while since I have posted a tutorial, walk-through, or how-to. Let’s hope I haven’t forgotten how!

Today I am going to show you how I made a pair of simple orc teeth that look something like this:

Smaller fangs:



Larger Fangs:



Step One:

Gather the materials. You’ll need:

-Friendly Plastic or equivalent like InstaMorph

-Hot water



-Heat gun or hair dryer


Step Two: 

Heat the water up so it’s hot. Maybe not boiling, but HOT. Dump some of the plastic pellets into the hot water. When cool the pellets will be opaque white. When they are heated and malleable they will turn clear. Use the spoon to gather the pellets. They tend to stick together. Be careful as they will be very warm and may hurt when you touch them.


Step Three:

To make the base, press the pellets together and flatten them into a rectangular shape about two inches long and maybe an inch wide. You can cut it to be more precise, but all the pictures I show in the tutorial are very rough as this was my “first draft” so to speak.


Step Four:

You’ll have to work quickly. There is a fine line between when the plastic is too hot to handle and when it is too cold to mold. When the plastic is warm enough to comfortably touch, place the plastic length-wise along your bottom teeth, centering it. Press down in the front and back.  Pop the plastic off and replace it, making adjustments as needed. It should fit snugly on your bottom teeth, but also be easy to remove. It shouldn’t fall off when you talk or move your jaw. Be sure not to let the plastic cool while on your teeth. You wouldn’t want the plastic to harden on your teeth only to find you can’t get it off easily! If the plastic hardens before you have gotten it right, just dump it back in the water water or use a heat gun.

IMG_1374 IMG_1373

Step Five:

Mold some orc fangs! Heat s little more of the plastic and roll it into a cylinder. Pinch the top to make a point. You can make the teeth as large or small as you want. Put the base in your mouth and play around with the position of the fangs until you know where you want them and how you want them angled.


Step Six:

Use the heat gun or hair dryer to warm the front of the base just enough so that the outside is slightly clear. You don’t want to heat it up too much or you risk losing the shape of your tooth indents. Heat up the bottom of the tooth. Press the tooth firmly to the base. It should stick. Repeat the process for the second fang.


Step Seven:

By now you should have a pretty decent set of orc teeth, The natural white color of the plastic means you wont have to paint them, but if you want to give them a yellow tone you can soak them in coffee.


Optional Step:

You can warm the front of the base and use a knife or other sharp tool to carve out the shapes of other smaller teeth so that the base isn’t just a block of white plastic.

I hope this helps! As always, you can message me with any questions or comments. :)



One thought on “Tutorial: Easy Orc Teeth

  1. Great work! Hope I can find something like that here in South Africa -Warcraft cosplay comp this weekend!

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