The Raven Queen- 2014 Photo Gallery

Every Friday I play Dungeons and Dragons 4e. It’s always a good time and  enjoy making my character’s back story and designing their appearances. As such, I wanted to do a tribute cosplay to one of my favorite 4e goddesses: the Raven Queen- Goddess of Death. There are not many good references of her so I made my own design using inspiration from Pinterest. The hardest part was probably figuring out how to do the feathers (since I don’t use real ones for ethical reasons). I have a tutorial elsewhere in my blog covering how to make the paper faux feathers seen in the headdress for anyone who shares to concerns of using real feathers. The second hardest part was just trying to find the time to make this cosplay. The whole thing was completed in less than a month. I am less than satisfied with the result and probably won’t be bringing this one to further conventions, but I did get some nice shots of it.


Here are a few by Casey Kwock: AX_Jessica-1


DSC_6491 Taken by HNI Productions: 

Hard Not Impossible Productions

Taken By Greg P Photography



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