Long Beach Comic Expo-Con Review and Cosplay Gallery

Last weekend was my first time attending Long Beach Comic Expo. From what I gathered on the website, it seemed to be run by the same people as Long Beach Comic Con. I figured it was the same convention by a different name. As per usual, my group ended up leaving a little late. By now its become tradition to leave almost exactly an hour after the estimated departure time. (A side note, its also tradition to head to Juice It Up before every convention, it’s loads of fun to see the workers’ reactions!). The drive was a little hectic, I can’t really say I liked the area we drove through to get there. The immediate area around the convention center is relatively clean, but some of the other parts of the city… well let’s just say it’s not exactly what I am used to in my prim and proper little suburban neighborhood. The pedestrians in the street made me nervous, the cyclists were reckless, and the other drivers were impatient.

Once we got to the convention center, we found out that there were at least two other events going on. Outside were the usual awesome cars, cosplayers, and bewildered bystanders. The expo was held upstairs, in a room much smaller than the one used by long Beach Comic Con the year before. We saw everything inside within an hour or two. There were the usual vendors and some awesome artists. It was great fun for a little while, but as my group and I were browsing we saw a woman crying. From what I heard later on, she was one of the vendors and someone stole her money. I’m not sure what kind of shitty person would do that, but I hope karma bites them in the butt.

Since the exhibit hall was so small we spent most of our time outside and downstairs taking pictures and getting pictures taken. In all, the con was pretty fun. I am glad I didn’t have to drive or pay for a ticket (yay professional pass!) It’s a great little con for cosplayers and anyone local, but it’s not something I would suggest driving more than an hour to attend.

Well the review is over so now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part… the pictures!!


Outside were a couple of amazing custom cars. This is the highly detailed inside of the Pizza Planet Truck:




Harry Potter Group:



Elsa and Ana- FrozenDSCN0224









Wicked Witch- Wizard of Oz




Nidalee- League of Legends




Sauron and zombie hobbit- Lord of the RingsDSCN0100


Bebop and Rocksteady- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles






Lady Sylvanas- World of Warcraft




Harley Quinn and Jokers- Batman



Harley Quinn- Batman



Harley and Harley + Joker Car



And so concludes my little cosplay gallery from LBCE. I seriously thought we took more pictures than this. Ah, maybe next time.




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