Luna Zhiri 2014

Here is another mini gallery posting, again with Casey Kwock as the photographer. His facebook page can be found HERE!! Go check it out! Some of my followers may remember this costume from a contest I entered with it at LBCC. Until then it was kept in storage and brought out just for this photoshoot. Unfortunately it wasn’t returned to storage right away and it spent an unusually hot day in the car. The heat melted a good portion of the wonderflex armor and effectively ruined the costume shortly after the shoot. I haven’t tried to repair it yet, but as of now this costume is retired.

For those unfamiliar with this costume, it is based on the Neverwinter MMO armor seen in the character creator for Devoted Clerics. Luna Zhiri is my original character used in various stories and a pirate themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign. She’s a tiefling and her backstory is super convoluted and complicated so I won’t bore anyone here with the details. Instead, enjoy the details of the costume!!













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