Phat Con 2014

I recently heard of a small convention called Phat Con hosted by Phat Collectibles. My good friend, That Vegan Cosplayer, invited me to go. This week’s been long for me so I wasn’t sure if I was feeling up to it. But I’m glad I went! I didn’t dress up or anything, which is kind of a bummer for me but all my costumes are in storage. There were a lot of really well done cosplays there, all very high quality and you can tell that everyone there takes great pride in their work. It was held in a room at Dave and Busters (which gives you an idea of how small it was). It’s a great con for anyone who is local, but because of the tiny size its not something I would recommend traveling more than an hour to attend. The nice thing about a small convention like this is that you get a chance to see everything you want and talk to everyone you want to talk to. I felt like the people there were more friendly and open than at some of the larger cons. It was basically just a big hang out for fans of all sorts, with a few artists, some cosplay groups, and a handful of vendors.

My favorite booth was the Young Justice: Abduction group. They are a group of cosplayers who act and star in a web series based on Young Justice. Check them out here>

They were doing a raffle for anyone who likes their facebook page but since Alex and I both worked on the game they gave us both prize packs!!




One thought on “Phat Con 2014”

  1. I like how my house is “in storage”. xD

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