Comikaze 2013 Gallery

So last weekend was Comikaze 2013. Due to work and a tight schedule, I missed out on Friday. Saturday went pretty well, parking was easy and there was next to no line for the actual badge pickup- much better than last year’s fiasco. I bought That Vegan Cosplayer’s ticket as an early birthday gift. She came dressed as Poison Ivy, I dressed as my Devoted Cleric Tiefling, my sister was Teto (a volcaloid that I am unfamiliar with), and my boyfriend Alex came as the ever faithful bag carrier! We all had a great time and saw some pretty cool stuff, but in general the con seemed smaller than last year. While there were some epicly fantastic cosplays, overall there were less people in costume. We all took some pictures of our favorite cosplays and I’d like to share those with you here. In my next post I will put up the pictures of my group specifically, so stay tuned for that!

I’ll do my best to label these but forgive me if I get a name wrong…

Alphonse Elric- Full Metal Alchemist


Tank Girl and Booga- Tank Girl


Taric- League of Legends


Zorg- Fifth Element


Tannis, Psycho, and Maya- Borderlands

Black Butler Cosplay Group


Tygra and Cheetara- Thundercats


White Rabbit- American McGee’s Alice


Abby Bominable- Monster High


Marko- Saga




Vault Dweller and NCR Ranger


Princess Celestial and Luna- My Little Pony


Ghoulia- Monster High


Venus McFlytrap and Ghoulia- Monster High


Jinx- League of Legends


Disney Princess Cosplay Group


Chicken Boba Fett- Family Guy and Undead Nord- Skyrim


Doc Ock- Spiderman


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My name is Jessica Schultz and I'm a fun loving gamer with a passion for art, costuming, writing, and all things nerdy. During the week I am a game artist, and during the weekends I try to keep up with my costuming and writing. I always have a cosplay project to keep me busy until the next convention. I love helping other artists so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask!

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