New Cosplay Ideas

I have three conventions coming up in November and only one finished costume at the moment! I’ve been thinking up some new ideas and I have two in mind.

My original idea was to make a ball gown Harley Quinn style. But I’m still a novice when it comes to sewing so I really need a pattern or something to alter to make it work. After browsing my local fabric store I came across a really nice pattern for a long dress/coat type thing. Although it’s labeled as steampunk, I really want to stay away from cliche steampunk themes. Don’t get me wrong! I love the steampunk style and aesthetic, but it’s been done and I really want to do something unique to me.  This is going to be paired (hopefully) with my friend Roseanne’s version of Posion Ivy. She found a similar pattern from the same company that she seemed to really like. However, things have been tight with time and money lately so progress might be slow on these two.

My second idea is a Tiefling Devoted Cleric from Neverwinter. Teiflings are my favorite race in Dungeon and Dragons and healers are my favorite role to play! So this seemed like a great combination and the armor from the character creator is so dang pretty. (Too bad my in-game character is stuck in low level greens but shhhh… I can pretend to be epic!)

Her name is Luna Zhiri on the Mindflayer server for anyone curious. I have a full back-story for her that I might write up one of these days.

Here’s a few reference pictures…


tiefling horns

I’m really excited to start work on these two! Oh, and I finally got myself a nice full-time job as a QA tester. Even if it is only temporary I’m still proud. Bring on the overtime to help me fund these costumes!!


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