Thresh Boots

I spent sometime over the past week working on the boots for my Thresh cosplay. Pretty basic and easy to make, though I am not entirely satisfied with the paint right now. Anyways, here’s how it was done…

First step, buy some boots! Being spring time I guess boots are out of season because I wasn’t able to find any at my local shoe stores. Instead I bought them online (something I hate to do because I won’t know if they fit until they get here).

Got these on Amazon for about thirty dollars. Cheap but effective.


I cut off the little buckles because they just got in the way.

Thresh’s boots look armored so I brought out the handydandy wonderflex! And craft foam. Because wonderflex is expensive and craft foam helps to thicken it. For the armor on the toe I cut out a shape out of craft foam like this:


Then covered it with wonderflex using a heat gun and folding it underneath. I pinched it along those lines to create a ridge:


The rest of the armor is pretty much repeating this process but with different shapes such as this for the rest of the foot:


When put on the boot it looked something like this:


You can see where the wonderflex dented from being overheated, but when painted over it’s not as noticeable.


The next three pieces are done exactly the same way.


All that’s left is to do the paint. I use basic acrylic.


And to cover the paint with a clear coat of matte spray paint.

Hope my quick and messy explanation will help someone! Now off to play some ARAM!


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My name is Jessica Schultz and I'm a fun loving gamer with a passion for art, costuming, writing, and all things nerdy. During the week I am a game artist, and during the weekends I try to keep up with my costuming and writing. I always have a cosplay project to keep me busy until the next convention. I love helping other artists so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask!

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