River’s Edge Dancewear Review

Many cosplays require the use of a zentai or full body suit to change the costumers skin color. It’s much easier than body paint, cleaner too! But it can be hard to find the right color for the right price. My most recent costume is Soraka from League of Legends. Her in game model has light blue skin and, not wanting to deal with the mess of body paint, I opted to find a zentai suit. After hours of searching I thought I had found the perfect one, but some more in depth research told me that in real life it looked nothing like the stock photo the various vendors used. Not knowing what else to do, I turned to the community on cosplay.com asking for help. One helpful cosplayer suggested River’s Edge Dancewear (http://www.riversedgedancewear.com/) but warned me of a long turn around time. At that time it was still two months before the convention and I thought it’d be long enough for it to get to me. Anyways, the site didn’t disappoint color and cut wise. They had lots of styles to choose from and more shades than any other site I’d found on my own. After reviewing their color chart I opted for the color Lilac. Well, the name of the color should have been my first clue that problems were ahead, but it looked so pretty on my monitor!

The website said to allow a turn around of seven weeks. Well, it was more than seven weeks before the con, but the staff were quick to email me back saying that I’d need to pay an extra ten dollars to get it shipped to me in time. Okay, sure, whatever. Dished out the extra money.

Time passed and eventually I got the suit. But when I opened the packaging… oh no! It was PURPLE. I was furious! There wouldn’t be enough time to send it back, and even if I did, I wouldn’t get a refund for the shipping and the extra money to have it arrive faster. I didn’t try to return it, and I am not sure if they would have taken it since technically it was what I ordered.

Luckily for me, the character’s splash art features her as purple for whatever reason, and the suit was just about the right shade for that. I tried it on. The legs fit like a dream, the fabric curved over my hips and tapered at my waist perfectly. The arms… well I don’t know what kind of person they made this for, but the arms were two to three inches longer than mine. The hands were HUGE. These things definitely weren’t human proportioned.

To further make the suit work I had to cut the hands off, sew the fingers narrower and shorter, then cut down the sleeves. Luckily the concept art came to my rescue again. Soraka wears gloves to hide the ugly seam created by my alterations.

In all, I would not suggest this company unless you know how to alter clothing and are in desperate need of a hard to find or specific color. But beware of the color charts, they are not what the seem to be!!


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My name is Jessica Schultz and I'm a fun loving gamer with a passion for art, costuming, writing, and all things nerdy. During the week I am a game artist, and during the weekends I try to keep up with my costuming and writing. I always have a cosplay project to keep me busy until the next convention. I love helping other artists so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask!

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