Gallery and Review: Comic-con 2012

Got back from Comic-con yesterday and had a blast! I went two days dressed as Alexstrasza with my boyfriend dressed in the completed Deathwing costume. We had lots of pictures taken of us and even got to appear of Fox News for two seconds telling them how much we spend on the convention. It was all very exciting. I was rather disappointed with the turnout of people in costume. The ones we did see were pretty well done, but there definitly weren’t as many cosplayers as at Anime Expo. The main thing I realized I need to work on with my costumes is comfort. I came home with battle scars on my feet and legs! Blisters on my toes from the shoes and small cuts on my leg and neck from who knows what. The deathwing jaw also caused some comfort issues. The wire that held it on started to cut into Alex’s ear. But we met another Deathwing there and she said hers had the same issue, so right now I am not too sure how to fix it. Because of the jaws discomfort we had to take it off. When posting for pictures I’d hold it up and pretend to rip it off. Under the circumstances I think it all worked out okay.

And now for some pictures!! Keep in mind my camera isn’t all that great. I hope to find some better ones online to post with the photographers permission.

Here we ran into another WoW cosplayer. A blood elf mage I believe. She was very excited to have met us.

We also ran into Maiev:

And a female Deathwing. She was really cool, we waited with her and her friends in line for the masqurade:

We also found a Deathwing poster!



Our two seconds of fame on Fox news!

Well that’s all I have to show right now. The next convention isn’t until Novemeber. Unfortunatly I didn’t get the job I was hoping for so funds are a little low. I don’t have the money to make any new costumes at the moment but I’ll try to keep updating my blog with some art stuff when I make something actual worth showing.


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