Deathwing Gloves

Here’s a small update. I’ve been working on the shoulders, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So here’s what I did last night while waiting for some other stuff to dry. May I present… THE GLOVES!

They are probably one of the easiest pieces to make. I used some old gloves for the base. The claws are made from wonder flex cut into little triangles, heated (I just dipped them into a mug of warm water to make the plastuc bendable) then folded into shape. The ends are pressed together to create a nice point. Wonderflex, when warm, sticks to itself with just a little pressure.

If I was smart I would have painted the inside and outside before sticking them to the gloves. But I’m not so I didn’t!! Th claws are glued on with hotglue.

After this I wore the gloves and painted them with simple acrylic paint and some 3D puffy paint for the raised design. I also painted the claws and made some tiny armor pieces with squares of wonderflex for the knuckles.

Once it was dry I glued the little squares onto the gloves and the end result is this…

That’s a bad picture… so here’s another bad picture to make up for the first!

During my research I found a really coll program called WoW Viewer that allows you to import models from WoW and spin them around or pose them. It’s very helpful to see the details of a character up close. Here’s a screenshot of the program:

I don’t know what else the program can do since I only played around with it a little butI highly reccomend this to anyone making a World of Warcraft based costume. It helps so much when trying to find reference for a specific character.


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My name is Jessica Schultz and I'm a fun loving gamer with a passion for art, costuming, writing, and all things nerdy. During the week I am a game artist, and during the weekends I try to keep up with my costuming and writing. I always have a cosplay project to keep me busy until the next convention. I love helping other artists so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask!

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One thought on “Deathwing Gloves”

  1. You’re able to get screen shots of deathwing in human form in “the day that deathwing came” in the badlands quest line.

    I can get you the location of the quest line later

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