Alexstrasza: The Armor Bra

Progress on this costume was delayed for a little while but I’m back to working on it daily and hope to see it done within the next couple weeks so  can start work on my Deathwing outfit. Today’s post is all about the armored bra. I scraped the one I made for Sylvanas and used it as a base for this one.

The first step was to build up some form along the top edge of the bra to give it the proper shape. I did this with a bit of wonderflex, cut to the right shape and heated slightly to from the curves.

Here you can see the middle being filled in:

And two more pieces for the top arches:

With the basic shape done, it was time to cover it with the red velvety fabric used on all other pieces. A pretty straight-forward process.

One of the many issues I had with the Sylvanas costume was the bra straps awkward blue color standing out against my painted skin. So I spend about four dollars for some clear straps. They were very easy to replace. The back has a little place to hook them into. The front straps had to be cut, then the new ones glued down.

There! Much better. Now it’s time for the borders. Like all the other pieces they are gold. The process to make these is very simple; cut out the shape in foam, glue some gold fabric to it, and glue the newly covered foam onto the form.

Once those were done they were glued onto the bra. The bottom gold strip was made with wonderflex covered in (you’ll never guess) gold fabric! Alot of the techniques and processes of this costume are the same. I chose to show the step by step process to help out prospective cosplayers, even if it does come out as repetitive.

One final step, the wonderflex on the back overlapped a bit. Some velcro on either side was glued down to help it stay in place.

Did I say last step? I lied! The actual, real, for sure last step is the detail work. Hot glue, one of my favorite things ever, was perfect to make some subtle raised designs.

The final result looks something like this!

Why yes, it is a little awkward posting a close up of my chest online. But I expect a few of this sort of picture to be taken at conventions. Sadly, it’s inevitable.

And there you have it: the armored bra! Next up… cape and shoulder guards. Sounds easy right? Well I’m sure I’ll find some way to complicate the matter. Tune in next time!


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My name is Jessica Schultz and I'm a fun loving gamer with a passion for art, costuming, writing, and all things nerdy. During the week I am a game artist, and during the weekends I try to keep up with my costuming and writing. I always have a cosplay project to keep me busy until the next convention. I love helping other artists so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask!

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